I call myself a runner. Do I love running? Not really. It’s not my favorite thing to do, but I do it because I want to be healthy and take care of my body. Especially on days when I go out to a restaurant and eat not-so-healthy foods. But I want to love running. I want to look forward to running after work or in the morning. I want to feel that runner high that a lot of people talk about.

Stephen is a runner. He loves it and has been doing it for a very long time. He ran competitively in Track/Cross Country for many years. I am working very hard to not compare myself to him (because he is athletically gifted and I am not). But that’s not what running is about. Anyone can be a runner! That’s the beauty of this sport. My main problem is that I have a mental block to work passed in order to become a more confident runner. I feel like once I get a hold of the mental side of running, I will love it and look forward to running.

Until then, 70% of the time Stephen will have to force me out the door. I thought if I set myself some goals and put them on my blog, I might be more inclined to keep them because they are out here for the world to see. So, I want to share with you a few things I will start doing more often, little goals to help keep me motivated and maybe move toward loving a run.


Part of why I feel stuck a lot of the time is because I end up comparing myself to other runners. I end up getting upset because I can run as far as they can or I’m not progressing as well as they are. But I should be happy that I am getting out there and completing a run at all! Running is hard and definitely not made for everyone, so when I get out there I need to be proud that I ran at all. So….

Goal #1 End each run with a celebration. 

This can be a small victory dance or literally me telling myself “Good for you!” and “You did it!” I need to end each run feeling great because I finished the run. It doesn’t have to be the best run ever each time. And it’s not going to be, but I can celebrate anyway and feel good that I ran no matter how it went.

Goal #2 Read more running blogs.

I have a hard time feeling motivated to run most of the time (again that pesky mental block gets me every time). I am going to spend a couple times a week reading running blogs to stay motivated and keep up with other runners. I hope that this makes me feel like I have a little running family to look up to and help me feel better about the good days and bad days. I will read their advice and maybe cook some of their recipes along the way to build up some mental toughness. I’m a runner just like they are!

Goal #3 No negative thoughts before running.

It’s completely true that if you go into a run thinking it will be horrible….90% of the time it will be because you are looking for every possible bad thing about the run to support your claim. I plan to go in each time telling myself that the run is going to be amazing. That I will have a great run. That I am the Wonder Woman of running! I bet I will feel a lot better more often if I go in with more positivity.


Goal #4 Rely on my mantras.

This is going back to the Wonder Woman comparison. I have a few things that I tell myself when I am struggling during a run. It helps push me forward if I feel like stopping. Gives me that little oomph to continue when I only have a little bit of distance left. I’m still coming up with a couple, but so far I have: I am a runner! I am a strong Amazon! I AM WONDER WOMAN!!

It might seem silly, but you would be surprised how great it makes you feel if you tell yourself you are a strong Amazon like Wonder Woman.

They are small goals, but I was to be motivated to run and I want to be more positive about my journey.

I am looking for any recommendations anyone might have of good running bloggers or running books that you read and loved. Or if you have some great ways that help you stay motived, I’m all ears!

Thank you for taking the time to read my blog. I hope you enjoyed it and that it inspired you to come up with mantras and victory dances!

I’ll check you later!

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