Last week I had the fun opportunity to go on my very first work conference trip. Most people might attend their first conference in Chicago or maybe Boston….but not me! My very first conference trip was to the bright and always active Las Vegas. This was not my first time in Vegas because my God Father lives there, so I had been as a kid a bunch of times. I also lived in Arizona at one point and it was only a two-hour drive to the Strip from where we lived. I was pretty familiar with Vegas. However, it was my first time as an adult.

Now, before you start to think that I did any sort of partying while I was there, I didn’t really. One reason being that I’m not the biggest fan of getting drunk and crazy, but also because my boss was with me. Not to mention our new big boss was going to be there.


We did have a lot of fun though! We got to Vegas really really Sunday morning and had the chance to see the whole strip that day. We saw everything you could think to see. We went through almost all of the casinos, saw the Vegas Sign, and ate so much awesome food. We ended up walking 12 miles that first day….and destroying our feet. I had so many blisters it was insane. I had to buy new shoes to wear for the rest of the trip!







If you have never been to Vegas before, it’s worth a stop. Do I think Vegas should be your vacation spot? No, but it’s fun to see and experience at least once in your life. If you focus on the Strip, it is packed with tourists and is extremely expensive. Make sure to plan heavily before going because food alone is going to cost you a few hundred dollars a day, especially if you have a family. Think Vegas isn’t for families? You would be surprised at the amount of children wandering around with their parents down the Strip or in the casinos. I wouldn’t recommend Vegas to families because at some point I think your kids are going to get bored.

The rooms in the hotels are pretty amazing! We stayed in Bally’s while we were there because of how close it was to the conference we were staying for and the rooms were so nice. The air conditioning helped for sure! It was extremely warm while we were there, about 107 every day. So having a cold room to come back to was pretty great.


Here was the view outside of my hotel room:



The actual conference was pretty fun. I loved being in a room surrounded by other career center staff and see how passionate they were about their students. It reminded me that we are not the only ones fighting for our students. We are not the only ones trying to make sure our students are as successful as possible. I learned a lot and was happy to report back to my team with new updates.



My flight home did get delayed which was not fun, and I got stuck next to the biggest talker I have ever sat next to on a plane. By the time we landed in Columbus, I knew the crap relationships she had with her terrible sisters, her crook of an ex-husband, and how bad her fiber myalgia is during this time of year. It’s amazing what you can learn on a 4 hour ride back to Columbus. There were some pretty great views out the window, though!




I made it home safely and couldn’t have been more happy for the 66-degree weather and cloudy skies! I’m still catching up on lost sleep and time changes, so hopefully, I will be back to normal next week.


Thanks for reading this quick blurb about my time in Vegas. Have you ever been there before? What’s your favorite part?

I’ll catch you guys later!

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