Long time no blog!

I wanted to stop by and check in because again it has been a little while since I have written a post. So much has happened since my last post, but we can get to some of that in posts to come. Right now I want to talk about my fur child: Flynn Rider.

Quite a while ago now, maybe a year and a half ago I wrote a post talking about my hamster dreams. Then, in my last post I mentioned that I had recently gotten a hamster. His name is Flynn! I wanted to wait a little while to write about him because I needed to take some time to learn about him. What is his personality, what does he like or not like? Some times has passed now since I have gotten him and I think I have a good read on him now. We are still getting to know each other but I know a lot more now that’s for sure!


First I wanted to go into his name because it actually took me some time to decide what he should be called. I had a few names thought up before I got him, but none of those really suited him. Then I looked over at my fish, whose name is Pascal, and thought to myself…Flynn. My hammie shall be named Flynn Rider to stick with my Tangled theme.

He is such a tender little guy. He is afraid of everything, doesn’t like any loud noises, and I’m pretty sure he doesn’t like the lights on either. I have learned since getting Flynn that it could take a very very long time before he even lets me touch him. Robo Dwarf hamsters don’t like to be handled very much. I’ve been working with him to get him comfortable with my scent and my voice. I think he just got to a point where he feels comfortable in his bin because he is finally moving stuff around and making himself at home.


Surprisingly he has only bit me once, but I am convinced it’s because he thought my finger was the treat I was trying to give him to practice getting comfortable with me in his space. It wasn’t a mean or angry bite, but who knows.

When I put him in his little ball to run around the house he used to not go very far, but he has definitely gotten more adventurous. One night I thought I had lost him, but really he was running around under my bed. The other night he came out into the living room and ran around while Stephen and I watched the Penguins game.

I do think I need to buy him a bigger ball to run around in. I worry that it is just small enough to hurt his little back. I think I need to get a couple more things for him to chew on to. He didn’t seem to like the little chew sticks I got for him. He ends up just burying them in his bedding.


He has already had a visit with one of my friends and did very well. He had to stay with her while Stephen and I were on vacation. It was cute, she sent me pictures of him while I was away. It felt like I was an actual mom getting pictures of my child.

Some of Flynn’s favorite things:

Hiding in the empty box I put in his bin

Sunflower seeds

Yogurt treats

Celery leaves



Paper towel rolls with a little bit of paper towel still on them


In short he is the cutest, fluffy fur butt on the whole planet! I mean look at how peaceful he is all curled up while he sleeps! How can you resist that?? You just can’t.

Keep an eye out for more updates on Flynn Rider. AND if you want to have some fun in your Instagram feed you can follow him @flynnriderthehamster (yes, I am that pet mom).

Thank you for reading!

I’ll check you later!