Yesterday Stephen didn’t have to work because the schools were off for President’s Day so he came to Denison and we had lunch together, which was so nice. It brightened up my Monday! It got me thinking that I’ve never talked about Stephen much besides little bits and pieces in random blogs. I thought it would be fun to talk about him a little bit more. Specifically one aspect of his personality: sports.

You might be thinking to yourself, “But, Miaja, sports isn’t a personality trait.”

And I would argue that yes. Yes, it is.

Here’s why. Stephen Stitcher lives and breathes sports. He would not be himself unless he checked ESPN on his phone 20 times or more a day (depending on the time of year). If there is nothing on – or even if there is, in my opinion – he will put Sports Center on the TV. He even watches it when basketball is on. And he isn’t even a fan of basketball! During the summer when there is really nothing on, he resorts to women’s softball. Does that explain a little bit why sports is a part of his personality? Who watches women’s softball?


Stephen at his first Steelers game at Heinz Field.


As a non-sports person sometimes it can be a lot, but I have grown to appreciate sports more. Let’s start with a little backstory on the Stitcher family. A sporty family tree, if you will.

Stephen himself did baseball as a kid and then focused on track and cross country. I also found out eventually that he did fencing in high school and was a part of the bowling club in college for a little while.  The guy will play anything. Anything. You name it. He will absolutely play. That’s why I got him a huge bin of sports balls for our 2nd anniversary so that we could play.


Stephen running at a track meet during college.


Grandma Sanko (On his Mom’s side) – Was a competitive roller skater. Also played a lot of golf with Grandpa Sanko when they first got married

Grandpa Sanko – Played football, and golf

Mama Stitcher – Swam for 6 years before switching to track/cross country

Papa Stitcher – Played tennis and recreationally played baseball and soccer.

David (older brother) – Played baseball, lacrosse, football, wrestling, and track.

Caroline (twin sister) -Swam, track/cross country, cheerleading, and fencing

Christine (little sister) -Did gymnastics, track, cheerleading, and diving

Can you believe that? Stephen was born into the most athletic family on the face of the Earth! His grandma reads the sports pages of the newspaper first every day. Then clips out anything she thinks Stephen might like and sends it to him. Every Monday like clockwork.


Stephen and I with his parents and little sister after a Notre Dame game.


This time of year is pretty nice for me. Football season is over and there is a nice gap before there another sport starts up. Stephen is a huge Pittsburgh fan, so once the Steeler’s season is over he counts the days until the Pirates play. Literally. So while this is a great time of year for me, this is a very sad time for Stephen. He invests so much time into the teams he loves and sports he enjoys that when it ends he is a little sad until the season starts up again.

I try my best not to be a hater. I’ve learned to enjoy certain aspects of sports and definitely found that I love going to actual games. I still have a hard time watching sports on TV, but I have gotten better than before Stephen and I started dating. Since we have been together I have watched more sporting events than before I met him. (To be fair, he has probably watched more Food Network, HGTV, and Say Yes to the Dress in the past two years than he has in his life.)


Stephen and I before a Pirates game.

All of this to say that living with someone who loves sports as much as my fiance does is quite an interesting way of life. It took me a little while to get used to and I do my best to be involved in the teams he cares about. I even bought myself a Pirates hat! When you love someone you learn to love what brings them happiness. You learn to be flexible so that they can enjoy.


Do you have someone in your life that is obsessed with sports like Stephen is? If so, let’s bond over this!

I hope you are all having a lovely day!

I’ll check you later!